Civilization is built on stories

Posted by: Jimmy Kane,

Civilization is built on stories; the two most dangerous stories Western Society believes are:

1. That we are not part of nature. We aren't animals, we are 'people' (whatever that distinction actually means). That nature is simply that thing outside our house, office that gives us food and some good and bad weather. This simply isn't true, but our immovable belief in this story is part of the reason why we treat the natural world with such contempt; reality is we are treating ourselves and all other beings on this planet with contempt to fuel our own selfishness.

2. Our civilization is the best; we fantasize that because we have ipods, cars, medical equipment etcetcetc that our civilization is the best and most advanced. In the context of ipods, cars etc then yes ours is the most advanced. In the context of looking after humans, non-humans and the ecosphere we're pretty crap.


.. busy in the making of .. new stories .. yes we are .. don't doubt ..
It's a pitty to believe in those stories. Most of the people are believing in this. Including me.
it is a pity .. but this is not the whole story .. the story is unleashed by many threads .. it is a matter of choice which threads one follows and acts unwinding them .. pity is a stance that deters an individual in unwinding the threads in a manner fulfilling to self .. most people? .. it matters not, .. a bifurcation .. a thread that strays off the path the stories laid out .. is enough, once it reveals alternatives worth pursuing by all other individuals .. if it shakes one .. there lies the potential to shake all others .. people are constantly making stories .. that has never changed
I hope that some day these stories will get obsolete and maybe man will get down to the core of his knowledge. The knowledge that comes from within and can't be thought.


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