Mr. Government Man

Posted by: Jimmy Kane,

Say Mr. Government creature what do you know?
You're no different from the man who's preacher, no different from the masses below.

They fill your head with power and dominion.
What you used to be, a reasonable man of sound opinion,
but now you're prosecuting me.

What do you get from sitting on a bencher, do you really believe?
You make the decisions but you take us no further, you bring a working man down to his knees.

Take a look in the mirror my friend, you see the means but you don't see the end.
The man in the street could rise from he's knees, take back what's his.

Can you hear him calling: "Government creatures falling"

Can you feel your foundation shaking, mr. Government man?

The very fabric of your fool is braking, it's time for us to take our stand.

It's time for us to take our stand mr. Government man.

It's time for us to take our stand mr. Government man.

Mr. Government man - Christer and the Goldmaster Allstars



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