Capitalism quotes

Posted by: Jimmy Kane,

Some of my favorite quotes about capitalism.

Motherfucker you are dumb, really dumb, how do you go to work each day without feeling like a complete tool, like a process to be processed.

I am your god, I give you credit, I give you massive debts, you owe everything to your god and his banker sons.

There is one universal feature in all human beings: everyone wants to be better than someone else.

Even the slave wants to be the best slave.

In my many years dealing with human beings, I have noticed that they are all afraid of losing someone or something.

I manufacture anxiety, it is my way of making you long to escape your inner self.

I am history, I am the erased memories of the masses, I am the conditioned protocols, I am the women craving a shopping orgasm.

I am the way you feel miserable on your way to work, because you have bills to pay, because freedom is evasive anyway.



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